Love is real or fake?

I'm mean yes, love is every where. And yes it's a great feeling to have from one another. But, for some reason it's hard for me to be in love not cause my parents don't allow me too but, the fear I might be falling again. The fear of being in someone's arms and them sooner or later be sad cause he dumped me. That I wouldn't handle the pain if seeing him with someone else. The sad soul that healed and trying to be strong and let someone soften my defenses and break it into little pieces. I've done it to someone and I regretted it the day it did it but, that was me and the other individual probably wouldn't care. I'm not sure how to feel and being okay with his love heading towards me. It's not him, it's me being afraid. And I admit I'm scared and I don't want to start from zero again. I came so far that it's gonna be while doing it another time. Love is amazing but, it came also rip happiness apart.

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