Ex blocked me?!?!

OMG he blocked me.

To be completely honest I'm like laughing.

I honestly don't know why, it's just funny.

He was my ex and he decided to like one of my photos, so I go to his instagram profile and I start liking a few of his pics because when someone likes my pics I like a few if there's. And so someone else likes it. And when I went to the notification bar. I noticed it banished. So I clicked on his profile and he blocked me. And I just started dying. I don't know why I started laughing so hard. I just did. So I decided I'm gonna block him too since my account is public and I wanted to post a pic about it. On the caption it said "IDK why I think this is funny...he blocked me😂...well bye boii...haters gonna hate...exit to the left."I also posted it on twitter (follow me:@jcdawn_dx)

And obviously my friends said some stuff but, I felt good after posting it. And to be honest one day my ex will see the pic and probably this blog...I DONT CARE. I mean if u wanna be friends I'm cool with it...and I'm not say anything bad about you, this is just my feelings and thoughts about you blocking me. If you want to be friends that's okay. We can be friends. If you hate me well then, EXIT TO THE LEFT...OKAY BYE!!! #Teamlehi

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    Your HOE!@!!!! (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 16:34)

    omg his lost. lmfao