Demi Lovato is my role model?!?!

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is my role model for several reasons. We both gone through similar things. Her positive attitude toward others. And her act of kindness. I personally have doubt with bullying for so long. Still today I get called names and say mest up things about me. And in the past I cut and try to kill my self because I thought there was no reason to live. I would abuse my self and hurt my self secretly. And when I was in public I would put on my happy face so no one will know...I did it for 2 years. Until I went to far and almost cut my veins. But, at that moment I realized all the stuff I'm trowing away in my life. I'm ending my life cause of the bullying and the hate. All that depression hit me. And I had that realization where I knew my friends would cry and I pictured my family in tears. And I couldn't do it. I thought what the hell am I doing? I threw the blade away from me. And I sat there. And cried. I got out the bathroom...and while the whole situation happen my parents arrive from the super market...I'm glad to see them. They didn't know about any of it. So then later on that year Demi Lovato comes back and tells her addictions and her struggles. And they were so similar. I had problems with emotions. Still today I do but I try to keep them in check. The only thing that I didn't do that she did was drugs. I couldn't do it. I didn't want to do it. But, either way I was secretly uncontrollable. Still today my biggest fear is to fall back in to this situation. And knowing her going through it and struggling through those years. She made it through and she got her self back up. And I knew I needed to do the same. That's why she is my role model. If it wasn't for her I would be in the same horrible place that I was in. Love your self. Be positive.

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    omfg (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 16:50)

    damn im proud of you boy

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    love you (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 16:51)

    im glad you made it. I wouldn't be okay if u didn't. love you man