Its hard to see someone you love talking to his ex. Ik hes my ex too but, i dont have feelings for my ex. Idk i might be jealous. I am. But, what do i do its ha


Should i say something?

I should but if i do i can get him mad or he might not think i trust him. And i do but its just ughhh.

Is it worth the time to talk about that.


His a great guy and i feel like i might lose him. Idk why i feel that way i just do. Is it my mind playing with me. I cant tell


I hate this feeling i hold deep down inside. I just want to be with him but, maybe i just cant have that all the time. He wants that and i do to, but i guess its not this moment.

Hmmm. ill keep it in and maybe it might change in a while. I just dont and i dont want to waste the time. It will get better. I hope.

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