We all are one!!!

Why do bullies break people down. I don't understand why people do it. It's a very negative power towards another person. Which makes no sense. Why would you want to hate someone. Being bullied not only can get you into dangerous and physical issues but, it also can get you into mental issues as well.

My thoughts on bullying.

I think it's ridiculous. I don't support such an awful act of hate. It's mest up and rude. I think it's the most harmful way to hurt someone physically and emotionally. And that's not okay. 

Have I gotten bullied?

Yes, I have and it ruined me. Kids hated me just cause I had a girl voice and I act "gay" and to be honest who cares if you are gay or in the LGBT. I'm gay and I'm proud. But, bullied hurt me really badly to the point where I wanted to kill my self. That I was not meant to be here. That I wasn't excepted cause I was being me. Still today people call me names and stuff like that. And it looks like I'm not hurt...but I am. But, I'm learning to not care and love my self weather people like me or not.

Help spread awareness

Still today, bullying stills exist and we can eliminate it. Be an act of kindness. Help others. Make them feel like there not alone. And help make sad once have a smile on there face. Smile it looks good on you. We all deserve happiness. 

Your being bullied?

If you are still being bullied today, stay strong. Tell a teacher,principal, an adult. Tell your parents. Schools need to be aware of this things. They want to make sure ever student is safe. And at home as well. Ask for help. Don't suffer in quite. Be heard!!!