Dear, Freshmen.

Im a freshmen at this moment. Its basically like 8th grade except your not the big kid anymore. Your back to being small. Its not really a big transition once you think about. Its kinda like what evers but, you need to focus on getting good grades and your good. Theres really nothing more to say about it. Plz don't bring your whole house to high school. You don't need a bag full of make up or extra cloths. Its just school. So, leave that stuff at home. If you need to bring a few things go for it. But not everything you own. That's insane. So, chill. Just be happy you've finally made it and be proud of your success during middle school.

Dear, FAKES!

Im a little annoyed by you guys but, I need to applause to you people. Idk how you guys can be fake to people you don't like. If I don't like someone im not going to be playing patty cake with them. Im going to walk away and slay while there watching so I can look awesome. And then go back to being my lame self. Duhhh. But, like whats your secret though cause its insane. lol

Dear, Players... (AKA: my first bf)

Its sad how you say you changed and lie to others when your completely the same. Its dumb that you cant actually fix your problems. You play with peoples feelings and you lie to others about the truth, might as well just say that your so "perfect". I hate the way you play with his mind. The guy who once mine but, he seems to be blind so you probably don't mind. You want sex like if he was just a toy to play with. Your the most f### up person I ever met. So, have fun with your life cause my life will never involve you.


the boy you once played with,

Lehi Dawn